GENTWO Digital pioneered the concept of crypto securitization, where an individual off-balance sheet, issuance vehicle is established to hold digital assets and to issue conventional securities (Certificate/Note) with a Swiss ISIN to investors. This allows especially institutional investors to easily book crypto on their balance sheets via their normal stock broker. Therefore, they can conduct traditional audits and to use their traditional banking infrastructure - just like for all other of their investments.



Benjamin Spring

Benjamin Spring is a digital marketing, automation and web specialist with a keen interest in technology and the financial sector. He studied Economics & Finance in Switzerland and Germany and always had a passion for the web. Before joining GENTWO, he launched several e-commerce projects and was an independent marketing consultant for SWISS B2B tech companies. He acquired a broad skillset and out-of-the-box thinking by merging his interests in digital commerce, his technical knowledge, and writing on the web.  

Sandra Chattopadhyay

Sandra Chattopadhyay is a marketing and communications specialist with nearly 15 years of experience in investment banking. In the course of her international activities with four investment banks, she has been involved in all market phases of the structured investment products segment. Sandra, who holds a Master of Business Administration, has specialized in acting as a valuable link between product management and distribution. As a former editor-in-chief of investment magazines and digital promoter, she has developed relevant content on various investment topics. Sandra has mastered how to enhance customer experiences and thus creates added value in a segment of financial products that is considered complex.