GENTWO Digital pioneered the concept of crypto securitization, where an individual off-balance sheet, issuance vehicle is established to hold digital assets and to issue conventional securities (Certificate/Note) with a Swiss ISIN to investors. This allows especially institutional investors to easily book crypto on their balance sheets via their normal stock broker. Therefore, they can conduct traditional audits and to use their traditional banking infrastructure - just like for all other of their investments.



Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown is an experienced software engineer with over 10 years’ experience in finance technology. After internships at Google Summer of code, he started his professional career at Bank of America, working first in reconciliation and later in Equity Derivates trading technology, working on the trading and booking software tools. After five years at Bank of America, he moved to Switzerland, working first with commission fee management at QuartalFS and then to Structured Products at Vontobel. At Vontobel he worked on the Deritrade platform, leading the move to cloud services and modern architecture

Jan Šrámek

Jan Šrámek is a software engineer specialized in developing web-based applications who also has a deep understanding of the crypto sphere. With a Master in Computer Science, Jan has over 8 years of professional experience, first in his native Czech Republic, and then by joining one of the biggest IT firms in Germany where he worked on a startup from the mother company. He is passionate about software engineering and technology and prides himself on his strong analytical thinking.  

Uroš Škorc

Uroš Škorc is a senior software engineer with over 15 years of experience at small and large international companies across different domains. Before joining GenTwo, he was a technical owner of the Deritrade platform and the leader of Vontobel's Web Applications team in the financial engineering division. Prior to joining Vontobel, he was acquiring his skills at the world's largest online sports betting provider bwin.com in Vienna among others.