Published on 12.02.2021

How Tavis Digital made promising blockchain business models investable


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    Insights on Tavis Digital's Strategy

    "In today's cost-driven processes or decision-making processes, we need to make sure the investment products we choose and their structures are agile and economical. GENTWO is offering exactly these kinds of products."

    Sandro Brühlmann Portfolio Manager, Tavis Digital


    Create an investable asset to seize the opportunities in the blockchain space

    Tavis Digital is an innovative Swiss asset management company that focuses entirely on the portfolio management of digital assets.

    They are offering a suite of institutional-grade investment products, all in the area of digital assets.

    "Many traditional investors are bullish on this new asset class but they are either not willing or not capable of handling tokens."


    Securitize a portfolio that invests in tokens representing promising venture capital funds

    Tavis Digital securitized a portfolio of tokenized Venture Capital funds that are investing in the leading companies of the blockchain ecosystem.

    Through their dedicated Fund-of-tokenized VC Funds approach, investors gain access to a well-diversified portfolio of fast-growing tech-companies.

    "By wrapping these tokens into securities, we can offer them to traditional investors and they gain exposure to that new, nascent market, which wasn't possible before."


    Enable investors to access this nascent sector without handling tokens

    GENTWO's Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) helped Tavis Digital create an investment into the blockchain market that is listed in Switzerland and accessible through a Swiss ISIN.

    With this approach, investors could now access new kinds of assets through the underlying portfolio of tokenized venture capital funds.

    "We have seen several successful technology-driven sectors, such as social media, software as a service and cybersecurity. Many tech-centered companies have become multi-billion companies and we see the same evolution and development right now in the blockchain market."


    Tavis Digital

    Tavis Digital is an innovative Swiss asset management company that focuses entirely on the portfolio management of digital assets.


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