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A flexible, inexpensive & simple solution for securitization of crypto investment strategies.

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Traditional and crypto asset managers need services to turn their strategies into an investable asset, with a platform that provides the tools to facilitate the process from start to finish.

Learn more about how to create managed certificates (AMCs) on crypto assets (currencies, coins) for asset managers to use in implementing their investment strategies.

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No bank or issuer currently offers actively managed certificates (AMCs) on digital assets (currencies, coins) for asset managers to use in implementing their investment strategies. We did so for a client of ours who was looking for an extremely flexible solution for the implementation of his view on crypto investments. Therefore, he decided on the GENTWO issuance setup, which is independent of any bank. It helps the client grow his business and scale his asset strategies in the future and set up accounts at the crypto storage of his choice.

Within one week we had packaged his strategy into a tailored, actively managed certificate (AMC) with a Swiss ISIN. We did that for a low yearly administration fee, in other words, at a fraction of the cost for a similar fund and in short setup time.

“GENTWO made it possible to build up and manage asset inflows within days,” the client states.

The storage provider and broker selected by the client permitted the setup of the best solution for his specific application.





Ralf Glabischnig

"Until GENTWO came along, investing in digital assets was a mine field of operational difficulties. Once they put their best minds at solving this problem, the workflow has become as simple as traditional investments." RALF GLABISCHNIG, Founding Member Swiss Blockchain Federation


"From our experience, GENTWO is the ideal partner to realize innovation in the financial industry. Sharing the same values makes our collaboration fruitful and provides a unique bankable solution for clients to manage crypto certificates." PIRRO MORANDI, Head Business Development, Crypto Broker AG


«Thanks to the partnership with GENTWO Digital, we can now securitize either individual digital assets or entire products and services in a standardized format.» PHILIPP E. DETTWILER, Head Custody Storage & Transaction Bankins, SEBA BANK AG

GENTWO Digital allows you to create flexible Cryptocurrency Portfolio Certificates

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