Actively Managed Certificates on Cryptocurrency Mining

GenTwo Digital offers the most flexible and cost-effective securitization solution for cryptocurrency mining investments
In the growing, but still immature field of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, investors are lacking a professional gateway to the backbone of blockchain: the “mining industry”. Via deploying dedicated hardware and electricity to the blockchain-networks, “miners” being rewarded for their contribution via so-called "block rewards". This equals a genuine, uncorrelated income stream.

Until now, the majority of investments in cryptocurrency mining were either directly invested or organized in fund structures. Direct investments, limited partnerships and funds consume substantial time and resources to set up, to maintain and to adapt to the regulatory framework (resulting in high TERs). However, with the GenTwo Digital structure, AMCs on Crypto Mining can be established to provide a manageable and cost-efficient solution to access this digital and alternative asset class. One of the biggest advantages is the completely uncorrelated nature of the payouts, which add massively to the goal of diversification of a classical or crypto/ digital asset portfolio.

GenTwo Digital offers a fast, simple and flexible vehicle into this investment universe leading to a better performance, potential and growth.


Actively Managed Certificates on Cryptocurrency Mining

Patrick Loepfe
Patrick Loepfe Chairman & Founder Of GENTWO Digital
Patrick Loepfe, Chairman & Founder of GenTwo Digital

Patrick, what were the challenges with this project?
Patrick: “Securitizing cryptocurrency mining certainly is revolutionary, in general extremely complex, and extremely futuristic. Fortunately, we could rely on our profound experience and flexible platform and set up the issuance vehicle quick and easy.”

What is so revolutionary about this case?
Patrick: “With this remarkable case, we created a completely new offering for the asset manager and access for institutional and large scale investors into a new asset class. Allowing asset managers to build simple and flexible Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) for digital assets and crypto mining with a Swiss ISIN, and at unprecedented low costs, just has not been done before. Fund setups, especially in the crypto asset space, take a very long time to build and are expensive, to say the least .”

GenTwo Digital allows you to create flexible Cryptocurrency Mining Certificates

Cryptocurrency Miners and Asset Managers can finally structure tailor-made crypto mining investment certificates and attract institutional/qualified investors via a Swiss ISIN.

The investment will be reflected in the investors bank portfolio. Exposure to an uncorrelated digital asset class in a traditional format, easy & simple.

Active Managed Certificates through your tailor-made issuance vehicle

Active Managed Certificates through
            your tailor-made issuance vehicle